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Published on May 22nd, 2013 | by David Housholder


Are you Afraid of This Man? #0101 Life & Liberty

Our jails are overfull.

Today we talk about Clarence Mumford of Memphis.

Going to federal prison for seven years and is no danger to anyone.

Listen in. Let’s change America by re-making our system of penalties and restitutions:

Click on for Judge Jim Gray’s article HERE.

 Judge Jim Gray, Libertarian Candidate for US Vice President

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David Housholder

Believes that a spiritually-awakened non-coercive voluntary society is possible. Author of a number of books. Surfer/Snowboarder. Pastor of Robinwood Church in Orange County, California.

  • Rev. Housholder, you are a smart man. I totally agree with your views on prison and prisoners. Hmmm, I thought I was a mixed type moderate/liberal Democrat, but the more I listen to your views, the more I am reconsidering. So far, this liberty/freedom stuff makes a lot of sense. (Maybe the non-dogmatic surfer vibe makes it all a bit more palatable). I also like your open-minded yet orthodox spiritual views … I am hoping my son will consider them as well. He would find the content here compelling, but how can a mother get her rebellious 21 y.o. to this site without him knowing he is being led?

  • dorrance brezina

    interested in improving the correction in the correction world—-your on the right track move it forward.

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