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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by David Housholder


Top 10 Reasons NOT to Strike Syria #0181 Life & Liberty


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Top ten reasons:

10) It’s unconstitutional. America is not at risk. Congress would not vote to declare war on the Assad regime in this case. Obama has no legal authority to launch a non-emergency strike.

9) Assad’s enemies may be worse. Al Qaeda, Salafists, Radical Islamists

8) 11 Major ethnicities. They are loyal. Not going to change their minds if Assad is toppled.

7) This is THEIR civil war. Not our business. Can you imagine the mess if France had intervened in Gettysburg?

6) Assad, although a nasty character, protects Christians.

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5) If Syria falls apart, that’s OK. Syria is an artificial country. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a unified country.

4) It puts Israel at risk if we attack.

3) Starting what could be a 15-year war with IRAN, Syria’s number one ally.

2) Would ensure and accelarate Iran’s striving for a NUKE.

1) Moves Russia (Ally of Assad) from “frenemy” back in to cold war ENEMY.

CONCLUSION: Attacking opens up catastrophic downsides without giving us any real upsides. Thus don’t attack.

And president Obama is NOT the decider, constitutionally and legally. Click on the pic below for the full story behind this fact:

Assad, UN, Obama


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