You may benefit from Vocational Life Coaching

Personal instruction from Life & Liberty publisher David Housholder himself.

Has your current season “run its course?”

Feel like you are living out someone else’s life?

Struggling to “finish well,” vocationally?

Making a profit for your company, but not for you and the people with whom you share your life?

Unemployed or underemployed and “locked up?”

Looking to find true significance or leave a legacy?

If any or all of the above are true, it’s time to get some objective direction!

  • I don’t do relationship counseling.
  • I don’t fix emotional brokenness.
  • Saving you from addictions is not my strong suit.
  • If you are looking for someone to ask you how you feel about your mother, you’ve come to the wrong place.

It’s your Life Purpose I’m interested in…

Getting your vocation right is the biggest challenge in life.

How do you know you’re spending the bulk of your life in the right “seat on the bus?” Perhaps you feel like you are on the wrong bus altogether…

David Housholder taught me patience and being centered through a daily practice of gratefulness. He helped me with understanding of family dynamics and how to handle dysfunctional situations. -JIM, SILICON VALLEY

Time to get a new map and a new compass. The truth, for you, is out there. Let’s find it together.

Many ways to contact me–get on it!

  • Call (714) 367-4652 and leave a detailed voice mail
  • Find me on Twitter @LibertyHous

Or use the convenient contact form:


  • $150 for full-hour sessions.
  • Four sessions for $500, if pre paid

Can be on the phone (distance) or in person.

I have clients from everywhere. Brooklyn, Silicone Valley, Iowa, Puerta Vallarta, Minnesota, and Texas.


Looking forward to working with you. Your future is out there. Time to go after it.

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